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Freeplay Energy

Freeplay Energy is the leader in creating and developing the global market for self sufficient energy and lighting products.  Freeplay products provide work crews with dependable flashlights, radios, and chargers that are designed to work without the use of disposable batteries. These products not only save the time and money invested in disposable batteries, but also provide unique charging option so workers can count on them anytime, anywhere!

The rugged construction of Freeplay Energy's products such as the Indigo Lantern and the Eyemax WB, make them ideal for those who enjoy the great outdoors.  While the compact Freecharge 12V and the new Companion Radio are great for those on the go.  Additionally, the Freeplay line ranks highest in several key performance categories including: light intensity over time, operating time per input of energy and current produced at voltage.   Therefore, consumers can count on a longer laster, better performing product.

Homepage: www.freeplayenergy.com


Watermiser is one of the leaders of cutting edge water conservation products. Fresh water is our most precious resource and Watermiser's mission is to assist business and home owners control water consumption.

Applicable for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential use, the Watermiser product-line offers easy to use, green technology that effectively saves significant amount of water, energy and labor.

Homepage: www.watermiser.com


Nightstar is the global leader in the development and advancement of magnetic force, renewable energy illumination technology. Specializing in developing and bringing to market useful and unique products that deliver lasting performance. Nightstar's patented designs provide innovative, cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives in the flashlight and portable light source markets.


NatureMill is an innovative manufacturer of home composting appliances that recycle food and paper waste into rich, organic compost fertilizer. NatureMill's computer-controlled machine is fully automatic and odor free, and can be used right in the kitchen where waste is generated. Thus, NatureMill composting bins provides home gardeners with a source of rich, organic fertilizer.