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CAN-O-WORMS Composter
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Price: $120.99 


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CAN-O-WORMS Compost Bin

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Featuring a patented, award winning multi-level design, the Can-O-Worms is the #1 worm composter in the world.  Made from 100% recycled material, the Can-O-Worms is an odorless, user-friendly worm composting system that allows anyone to participate in recycling and garden enrichment through composting. Whether you live in an apartment or have a backyard, you can provide organic fertilizer for indoor plants and your garden. Stacked tray-upon-tray, each section of this worm condo can house thousands of worms for composting year round. Each unit features a tap drain on the lowest tray to collect compost tea directly from the source. Harvesting of castings is easy because the worms eat their way up, leaving their rich castings behind which are readily removed, free of worms.

Can-O-Worms Benefits:
  • Turns food waste into a resource
  • Conserves limited landfill space
  • Recycles nutrients
  • Worm tea and castings are renewable resources
Use the Worm Casting and Tea to:
  • Improves soil structure, aeration and water retention
  • Contributes to soil fertility and healthy root development
  • Increases organic content of the soil
How does it work?
The Can-O-Worms compost worm farm consists of four trays. The bottom tray is a Collector Tray which has a solid base and tap. Liquid (compost tea) drains through the upper trays into the Collector Tray where it can be tapped and used as a liquid fertilizer. The worms are started off in the first Working Tray by means of the Bedding Block provided with your kit. They then simply ‘eat their way up’, wriggling into the Working Tray above where they can detect the food scraps which you have placed there. By the time the top Working Tray is full most worms have left the original Working Tray where they began which had the bedding block. You can now take
out this tray, remove the worm castings and then return it to the top again.

Therefore, the cycle is never ending, and you will always have a convenient, natural and efficient way to dispose of your food waste, while at the same time ensuring a constant supply of your very own top quality fertilizer.

What's included with each Can-O-Worms Kit?
  • A ‘Collector Tray’ - the one with the leg spaces, centre mound & tap hole underneath.
  • Three ‘Working Trays’ - these are the ones with the mesh bases and are interchangeable.
  • One lid.
  • One plastic tap and a nut.
  • Five legs which clip in to the Collector Tray as a stand for the system.
  • One worm bedding block
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual.
  • Cardboard display
What materials can I add to the Can-O-Worms?

As a guide worms will eat anything that was once living. This includes:
- Left over vegetable scraps, fruit and vegetable peelings
- Manures (well aged)
- Tea leaves/bags and coffee grounds
- Vacuum cleaner dust or hair clippings (also animal)
- Torn up newspapers, egg and milk or pizza cartons (soaked first)
- Crushed egg shells (These will help with the pH balance)

Please Note:
The Can-O-Worms composter is designed to break down soft organic waste. Slow composting organic wastes such as garden refuse are best dealt with by conventional aerobic composting methods.

Be careful what you feed your worms particularly if you are unaware of its source. Manures, for example, from horses, cattle or dogs often has vermicides still active in it that were designed to kill parasitic worms in the animal. They can kill all your worms in one day. If you use animal manures make sure you know when worming is conducted and avoid using the manure for a few weeks.

How to Setup your Can-O-Worms

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